Friday, January 9, 2009

Local Shows

Some of you are talking about doing local shows as a way to start selling. If you haven't yet, or are just getting started, I bet you are like me.

I find out about them too late. I hear all about them when they are too close in to get ready and apply for them, especially the juried ones.

So I now keep a separate calendar (a free one I got from my oil company) and any shows I'm interested in, I jot down the date and staple the info on the back. Not that organized, but it works.

Many shows are at around the same time every year. So I have all the pertinent info. Even if the contact person changed, whoever the old contact person was will know who the new one is. I look at my calendar often in order to make a decision if I want to enter it or not.

I have a few in mind that I've been "following" for a couple years, not quite ready.

It's also, imo, important to visit the local shows and see if my work will fit in.

I'd love to hear what you guys do to collect and make decisions about, local shows! My pet portrait website is Come visit! Robin


Cat-in-a-Box said...

So true! A show who's deadline is too close to enter is still a valuable tool. I go with my little notebook to observe what is there, if/where my work would fit, who won prizes or recognition, what sold, etc.

At a fall show in my area there were some interesting trends that emerged, I try to keep them in mind when I'm creating work. It may not be shocking news but the most consistent thing I could say about the winners is that they all had excellent composition, the second most common finding was a high contrast ratio. One show had very few still-life entries, so if I enter it next year I'll likely choose one of my still-lifes rather than an animal painting. Things like that.

Obviously the jurors will vary year to year and show to show - but it seems like useful information to gather. Not only does it provide hints for entering the shows, but forces you to really examine the work and try to figure out why this painting has a ribbon and this one doesn't.

Robin said...

Great idea to not only see if your stuff will fit but what sells and what wins prizes.

Ha, ha, composition is still King, no matter where you go!

Ghislaine Bruno said...

Hi Robin. So glad you started this blog. Wen I read it I keep on thinking : yeah, this is me, typical !
As for local shows, as my husband hs to move quite often for his job, I developped the habit of visiting some places to get information as soon as we settle somewhere : the townhall, artists' groups, tourists' information centers. Then, I scan the city walls for shows advertisements and any time I find a new one, I write the place and visit the show if possible to see if it could fit my art. Unfortunately, I'm slowly discovering that the city we've been living in for two months now is very poor artwise...

Robin said...

Hi Ghislaine! Thanks for visiting. Hope to see more of you. I love your work.

Hmmm...good and bad about moving....I mean some of the ones you left behind might be great to get back to!

The Epiphany Artist said...

I put all my shows that I am interested in on the callendar in Microsoft Outlook with an ample amount of reminder notice as it gets closer-- starts popping up when I open the program in a list-- works as long as I back up my computer LOL!

Robin said...

Of course that's a better solution...however you keep track. I can't bear to look at computer calendars with reminders after a day in a law office, though!!!

Thanks of posting!

The Epiphany Artist said...

I could see where that might be a problem LOL!