Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pet Portraits, paintings, prints and priorities

Wow, I can't believe how long it's been since I  blogged here!

I'm trying out a lot of things marketing-wise.  I have an etsy store, but am disappointed in it.  I have sold there, but few and far between.  I starting making little aceo repro prints of my pieces, and I think that's about it for what I will keep in there, besides the pet and kids portraits.  There's always a chance, but sure not worth my time.

So, I'm also trying out ebay for the third time.  I sold there twice before, but it's been so long that I'm starting from scratch.  I know the way to get going is to keep listing and I'm trying hard not to get discouraged.

I am selling here and there from my website, my blog, my facebook fan page as well.

I am going to go public!  I have only shown a few things in person and won prizes and sold both times I did.  I'm exploring some options,  trying out some venues that seem might work for me.  What I hope happens is that everything works.  It's hard to prioritize, because I don't know what will really work.  I've never done the "show" stuff before.  But next week I'm hoping to get my feet wet in an upscale flea market that specializes in antiques and art.  If the weather cooperates and if I can get enough pieces done!

Artwise, I have begun doing pen and ink drawings with watercolor.  LOVE IT.  My idea was to test out possible woodblock prints that I will then color.  I know already one I'm going to do, because I sold the original so quickly.  I'm going to put them on ebay too.  (btw, if you're interested, my ebay name is "rzzart" so search for that and you'll find my stuff)

And painting...I am wavering between acrylics and oils.  I like how fast acrylics dry, I can paint and mail out immediately, but what I don't like is that the acrylics dry in a different color, so that's a little frustrating.  But whatever, I have some paintings finished, and am surprised at how fast I'm progressing.   It is amazing to me how fast time goes when I'm painting, I never seem to lose track of time when I'm doing colored pencils.

Marketingwise, I have a ton of ideas and am continuing with what I know works, twitter and facebook.  I tweet as robinzebley and my fb page is here .  I have other ideas but right now the priority for me is to make more art.  And even though I'm working on my art fulltime, the day flies by, I don't have enough time to get it all done,, and I'm being pretty good about not wasting too much recreational time online. 

So, that's where I am!  I am working very hard, and am totally committed and motivated.  I'll let you know how I do.  Maybe you have some ideas for me, or can benefit from where I've been, that's the hope!  We can help each other to move our careers ahead!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Organizing my Pet Portrait Info the Old Fashioned Way

So, here I am, launched, with a waiting list of pet portraits (off season!!), and totally dependent on myself to keep organized.  Ha, ha!!! 

Although I never dump anything from my computer, I can't find anything either.  I recently went to send an email to former clients and had to read through spam and junk to find them. 

Who did I do fundraisers with?  Who did I send cards to?  What was that show I thought would be a good fit?

Now I know I can use a spreadsheet to track it all but you know what?  I got a black and white marble composition book and it is soooo much easier for me.  I have different sections, for different things, I have a record of everyone I communicate with....I don't know, it's just easier for me.

So that's my little hint for the month....if you keep MEANING to organize all your favorites and following blogs and facebook events and you just seem to be spinning your wheels...maybe the old paper and pen method would make sense for you, too.

Want to see my Animal Art? Just click on that link.  Thanks for the visit...and I'd love to hear YOUR organizing tips!