Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Quiet time

There is so much noise (bad) and sound (good) surrounding us...by choice we often have music/tv etc. on 24/7. We also think we have to multitask, do puzzles to prevent brain deterioration, be productive!

I find I really need some time with zero artifical sound filling my brain in order to tap into my creativity and really think about my art. It's not just a minute here or there, but to clear my brain and have some extended time to let my mind wander and ponder, is absolutely essential.

Some folks find that quietness in prayer and meditation and I do also, but then I'm mostly focused on people, not art. Walking and biking are also good places for me to let my mind wander. But sometimes just sitting quietly, sometimes because I forgot a book to fill my train ride, I get the most amazing, helpful thoughts!

Try it! Turn it off!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Bring the Art to THEM!


I saw a post on wetcanvas where someone was doing plein air painting at a garden tour. FABULOUS idea! Bring the art to the potential buyer's area of interest, not try to get them to come to wherever your art is being sold.

For lower and midpriced artists who self represent, this can be a giant untapped resource!

A year and a half ago, I did a couple Halloween doggy parades. The tables were free, I met a lot of nice folks and got several commissions from it. What I decided I needed to do in the meantime, was having something for sale that day. If I do that kind of thing again, I'm going to think about gift cards and maybe mugs...cafe press kind of things, which would have my site as part of the graphic...a semi-permanent business card.

Anyway, whatever you do, think about bringing art to an unusual venue. I read that less than half of Americans have EVER been inside an art gallery...yet they buy SOMETHING to put on their walls.

I saw a woman spend over $300 at Michaels for a frame for a poster. C'mon, we can do better than we are in bringing art to THEM!

I really love the potential of the upcoming spring planting season. Get your gardening friends to pot up perennial clumps, divy up those seeds, root houseplants and overwintered annuals, dig out those old unused containers and get your painter friends over for a "Garden Party Sale". Split your backyard into zones, put the garden stuff on one side, the art on another and paint while you enjoy the morning.

In the meantime, how about making some garden art? I've seen really cute hummingbird feeders, painted bird/bee houses, etc., that will NOT detract from your "real art".

Put an ad in the paper, make some pretty signs for the big day, and I bet you sell art! And you will build up your mailing list and have a great time marketing your art...almost for free.