Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Quiet time

There is so much noise (bad) and sound (good) surrounding us...by choice we often have music/tv etc. on 24/7. We also think we have to multitask, do puzzles to prevent brain deterioration, be productive!

I find I really need some time with zero artifical sound filling my brain in order to tap into my creativity and really think about my art. It's not just a minute here or there, but to clear my brain and have some extended time to let my mind wander and ponder, is absolutely essential.

Some folks find that quietness in prayer and meditation and I do also, but then I'm mostly focused on people, not art. Walking and biking are also good places for me to let my mind wander. But sometimes just sitting quietly, sometimes because I forgot a book to fill my train ride, I get the most amazing, helpful thoughts!

Try it! Turn it off!


Ghislaine Bruno said...

So strange to read this post tonight, Robin ! This afternoon I went to the swimming-pool and as I was quietly and regularly swimming, watching the pool tiled floor through my swimming glasses, this regular pattern, both of the tiles and of my movements triggered lots of art ideas. I realised it was a unique moment, not aware anymore of the presence of other swimmers, no noise, and a hypnotic pattern of light through the water.

Anonymous said...

I love silence, and often turn off all the sounds/noise in our house just to enjoy the quiet!