Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Challenge - it's working!

Committing to a finite number of hours is really working for me! I guess some ppl do well with To-Do lists, but just putting in the hours on any of my art is really moving me along. Since my day job is getting really horrible, it's such a pleasure to see so much accomplished in my art!

If you aren't trying this...I highly recommend!! Just pick a stretch and go for it. Commit to reporting your progress on the American Artist forum site below and I bet you accomplish more than you dreamed!


Ghislaine Bruno said...

So glad you're doing weel, Robin. This is an (almost) artless week for me (is it a pun ??) as we are preparing my son's first communion with relatives coming from all parts of the country, but next week... heh

Robin said...

Ghislane, watch out next week, huh? :D Have a great time with your family at at this very special day for your son. Robin

DJ said...

I surprised myself with the results after the first week. I was so thrilled to post the paintings on my blog, and I'm looking forward to week 2.
Thanks, Robin!

Robin said...

You're welcome DJ! I'll come check them out! I too, and thrilled to death with my progress...and now more than ever I need to get my You Know What in gear!