Sunday, November 2, 2008

Starting the Blog as a Midlife Artist

I know I'm not alone. I began making art the day we dropped my "baby" off at his college dorm. Like many moms and dads, my life centered on my kids, my job, my mate and my home. With kids gone, though, a giant hole opened up and that little voice that I'd kept at bay all these years...that I WAS an artist, if only I had time to devote to it...became a shout!

Not that I don't love young artists and their art, I do! But since I've started creating art, I see so many of you out there, also listening to that shout and pulling out those supplies you always knew you'd use...someday. And I'm really interested in our helping each other out, sharing information, and talking about lives at midcentury with art as a large component.

When I say art, I mean really, anything visually creative. Drawing, painting, printmaking, rug hooking, soap making, any art or craft that you explore and learn and do because it's really fun to do something more interesting than watch t.v. at night!

I hope you'll join me in discussing Mid Life Artists, and link here, and I'll link to you, let's see if it's a second career, just for fun, or what?

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Steve said...

Hey Robin! I was so happy to see your blog today! I am a "Midlife Artist". Or, at least, trying to be one. I have been dabbling with drawing and painting for the past couple of years. This year I am getting serious about it so that I can one day walk away from my current job.

I started a similar blog called in which I am going to talk about my experiences on this path and also wanting to open a teaching art studio. I will keep an eye on yours and also link to it.

All the best,