Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Creative women...we just can't help it!!

One of my favorite webspaces is artist and photographer, Carole Holt. Now, Carole's interests are different than mine, she's into antiques and primitives and was before "country" was a decorating fad. But what I really like about her site is that she has gathered together in one web spot her artsy friends who share this niche and others she's discovered along the way. I've met many of them...Carole is a family friend...and have really been struck by how creative these midlife women are.

I remember sitting with Carole and her buddies and listening as they discussed problems, issues, joys, shared news...all about their unique creations...much like we as moms did years ago about the detail of babyland! Each woman's art was different, and yet that common bond of creativity knit them together.

One of the artists she features on her site is rugmaker, Louise Tietjen, who dyes her wool the old fashioned way with natural materials and then hooks them in traditional designs she's unearthed.

Another wonderful artist Carole showcases is her friend and my dear "aunt-in-law", Carole O'Neill, who paints fabulous portraits in a primitive style, colonial-era inspired murals (along with the other Carole) all over Delaware and SE Pa, and fabulous hunt scenes.

I wonder if it has something to do with being a woman? Is it just natural to find something else to create after your days of "creating" children are done? Is there something about women that needs to make something new, that hadn't been in the world before...whether we have had children or not?

My site for pet portraits, my art blog about art and animals. And this whole blog can be found here. I hope you'll comment!! And I'd love to hear what the men think about my theory?

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Anonymous said...

It is the nature of women to create. The words used to describe creativity are sometimes the same as procreating. Do you ever feel pregnant with an idea? Even "procreate", meaning to have offspring is a creative process, create is part of the word. I think it's very natural for women who do not have children, or who have raised children to adulthood, to want to make something. So, I would agree. We women were meant to create.