Thursday, December 4, 2008

More Grand Plans

I already got my calendar going, but I have big decision to make, too. Do I follow the human portrait path full tilt or no? I've done them, and enjoy them, but my early success was with the dogs and that's where I went, figuring I had to get good at ONE thing before moving on. And I get lots of inquiries, so if I do, I need more samples to show. I unfortunately lost several I did in a computer crash...

I actually think that in some ways, humans are easier (no worries about breed, lol!), and the photos tend to be better. But I have a lot to learn, but who doesn't?

Am I going off onto one of those tangents that is the opposite of staying focused towards a goal? I am already committed to printmaking, I love it. So another new direction? Too much?


Cat-in-a-Box said...

I think you've got your skills in animal portraiture to a level that it would be very reasonable to devote some energy to a new subject. The pastel thread in WC has a Portrait & Figure fundamentals class going on - maybe stop in?

I think offering people portraits would really expand your client base IMHO.

~ Pam

Robin said...

Thanks, Pam! I am getting lots of support, I think I am going for it. It's a humbling undertaking, there's lots of wonderful portraitists out there....but I have to have some guts, too!