Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Planning ahead...what are YOUR grand plans?

Okay, we're making the jump, either a giant all-or-nothing leap or a more modest hop on the way. What are your grand plans and how are you working them? What's number one on your list? Here's what I'm hoping to do...

I realize that in addition to putting time in on the art, itself, I need credentials. I have a zero art resume, save lots of commissions and a few show wins. So time to build that up. I'm going to scour the 'net for juried shows and contests I think I might fit in. I've got a calendar just for art to diary the due dates, etc., and I'm going to try and enter the ones I identify.

No, I'm going to do it!!

How about you?

What are your grand plans?

Take a moment to answer my poll to the top right...what is your number one goal?

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Dougie said...

Hi Robin,

Ah... grand plans... Mine span about the next 25 years. I just started doing art about 3 years ago. Right now, for the next 5 years, I'm working on my skills, marketing myself to get my name well-known locally and then have consistent sales on paintings (where I make more than I spend for materials!).

After that, I expand my area of being known to around the state and more juried shows. Hopefully, establish a following of clients who regularly buy my art work. Then begin the next phase of art: teaching.

By the time that I retire (in 25 years), I should have a large following of customers and people who want to learn from me. At that time, during my retirement, I can travel, teach painting/drawing and sell my works for a nice retirement income (which supports traveling and adventures with my wife).

Robin said...

Dougie...how are you doing those things? How are you marketing, how are you working on your skills, etc?

Dougie said...

What a large comment!!!! Well, the first part about the plan can be seen at: http://bugstumper.blogspot.com/2008/07/five-year-plan.html. For the skills portion, I'm starting to 1) paint/draw a LOT more, 2) rather than draw/paint a final piece, evaluate where I'm having problems (i.e. values in color) and just do paintings focused on that aspect, 3) keep a regular blog entry about successes, failures, etc. to see how I'm progressing., and 4) start taking classes at a local college.

For the marketing, this is a harder part. After every show, I do an eval on what people buy, where they looked, what could be done better, etc. I then review what happened for the show (before my next show). Essentially tweaking everything. Almost got my show "style" down and the display system that I want. Still some things to do, but getting there.

The next phase is marketing. I'm still working on that, right now. Not sure how to approach that part yet. I have a number of people in my office or friends who I mention that I'm doing a show. Right now, a lot of it is by word-of-mouth. Next year, that'll change, but I'm not at that phase of my plan.

Tina Mammoser said...

Grand plans eh? It's that time of year isn't it? :) I haven't done my biz review and plan, will probably do that over the Christmas period. But I have been thinking a lot lately about change and needing something.

Blogged it today: I need structure. So that's my grand plan for the coming year.

visioneerwindows said...

Grand plans, huh...
well, do intend increasing from one juried show to two next year, and lay plans to try for a biggie show the following spring -if accepted... the biggest problem, since I live on disability and have no vehicle of my own, is saving for both the fees and the rental for the weekends required - a belt-tightening order if nothing sells... otherwise, is more of just proceeding with rendering, and increasing my skill level in so doing... being a member of VSA-FL helps with any other exhibits in the area, mostly for my works no longer able to be shown in the tent shows [too old, as they require being not over three years]... I would, as a colored pencil artist, like entering one of the CPSA shows, the International one for example, but am told have to use matte and plexiglas, meaning needing a yet larger size framing than the 20"x30" now using - so that leaves that exhibiting out for now - maybe in later times... and, too, formalize my web presence more - so to make sales there, mostly in prints, due to the expense of shipping anywhere...

Robin said...

Visionaire, that's definitely a problem...it's hard to grow any business or venture when you have to worry about cashflow. I think the best bet is to make sure every dollar you DO spend is the best way to spend that dollar, keeping your personal goals in mind.

And hopefully, little sales will finance big dreams!

Cat-in-a-Box said...

I just finished reading "I'd rather be in the studio" - for a newb like me it was full of good marketing advice and I recommend it. It's probably redundant info for the old pros.

Like you, Robin, I'm trying to build a resume over the next year - but at least you have a fabulous history to build on, I've only been a closet artist thus far! I'm putting a tremendous amount of effort into this ;D we'll see if it pays off!

~ Pam