Saturday, February 7, 2009


I have worked hours on a portrait of two toddler girls, on 2 different sanded support. I think I'm barking up the wrong tree here. I'm trying to do too many new things at once, and the sanded paper is going to go!!

I'm redoing a third time and this time I'm going to use the Mi Teintes that I am so familiar with. I know exactly how it will behave, so that's one thing conquered!

Wish me luck!


Ghislaine Bruno said...

Yes, we wish you luck. We all have those moments. I worked the whole week in the studio and nothing "valuable" was painted. Whereas sometimes I just paint for three or four hours a week and manage to "produce" a successful work of art.
Portraits are difficult, mastering new tools is difficult and learning on their own (not sure about the grammar, sorry...) is very difficult. This is why you started this blog, isn't it ? So we're here to support you. Keep us updated ! Cheers.

Robin said...

Thanks, Ghislaine! It helps to know we're not alone!!