Monday, April 20, 2009

Learning from Everyone

As much as I know I have in common with ppl my age range, I think it's important to remember that there's lots to be learned from those younger than me.

I think disregarding the lessons from younger ppl can be a real tragedy.

My woodcut teacher is the same age as my "baby" son. 20 years ago he couldn't have taught me a thing. Today, lessons learned!

Not only that but the energy and freshness of eye is contagious. I want and NEED to be with artists who haven't hit a rut and stayed in it. I think in that way, I'm kind of young at heart. It's what I disliked about an art group I was in...talented to be sure, but happy to stay in their zones.

And happily, I've found young artists are not ageist! It's the enthusiasm and commitment which matters, not the calendar!


Tina Mammoser said...

Great post. :) I've had the opposite experience with ageism - a group of mature artists seems far more discriminating against young artists in the area. (tho admittedly it may actually only be one or two very vocal people and not the whole group) There's a kneejerk reaction to call any reference to ages "ageist". I find this terribly sad, as the impression appears to be that young artists somehow have more resources and opportunities. That impression is definitely an illusion, as talking to any art graduates will show. (even if there are more opps for 'young' artists there are more of them, so the odds still stay low)

And I agree completely that the youngsters (younger than me that is!) are usually friendly, enthusiastic and want to work with other artists of any age.

twincedar said...

I agree we can learn from everyone! Watch a very young child draw or paint, they do what is right to them and what feels good at the time. They are not concerned about correct colors (ever see a purple duck?), or composition but sometimes they hit gold and you wonder why didn't I think of that?

Cat-in-a-Box said...

Now if we could siphon off an bottle some of that.... O.O

DJ said...
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DJ said...

You're absolutely right, Robin. We need to learn from everyone around us; perhaps those who think too highly of themselves need to learn manners as well as art. We never know who'll be top dog tomorrow.
Love & Laughter

Robin said...

Thanks for the comments!